Pb-12 (Rules: Pb-12)

Pb-12 is a generic tabletop system for all kinds of figures and backgrounds. Come to the stand and try it out. There is a selection of scenarios from different genres of varying complexity. From fast games with only one character per player in which the basic rules are taught, to … Weiterlesen

Muskets and Rapiers (Rules: Muskets and Tomahawks)

The Second Northern War 1658-1661 saw Denmark fighting Sweden as a part of a coalition consisting of the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth, Brandenburg-Prussia, the Habsburg Monarchy and finally also the Dutch Republic. Denmark had hoped to avenge the defeat in the “Torstenson War 1644-1645”, instead it faced annihilation with its capital Copenhagen … Weiterlesen

Spain 1812 (selfwritten rules)

Napoleon’s troops are suffering from supply problems. Farms, villages and cities … everything is being searched to keep the army campable. Not every officer is diligent in his searches and sometimes supply provisions disappear unexpectedly and without trace. Are the partisans always responsible for this, or are there men under … Weiterlesen

Battlestar Galactica – Guess what’s coming to dinner? (Rules: Colonial Battlefleet)

In their quest for Earth, Reconnaisance Raptors have discovered a previously unknown Cylon ship in an asteroid field. Strangely, the ship is guarded only by a few Cylons. For Commander Adama this smells like trap, but Admiral Caine has ordered the identification and destruction of this ship! In this variant … Weiterlesen

James Bönd – Goldbrush (Rules: Black Ops or 7TV)

Once again, the stock market wizard “Dr. Yes “does not get his neck full and uses the most evil means to subdue to the world. He has created a cover company named “Workshop Games”, which sells pewter figures for children. In a secret laboratory, camouflaged as a container ship, research … Weiterlesen