Ghosts of Mustafar (Game system: Star Wars Legion)

Calling Rebel Base Yavin 4! We have intercepted a top priority imperial radio message. Make sure Princess Organa is informed immediately! Radio transmission, Imperial Code 26335-II “The prisoner must be promptly handed over to Lord Vader, who is already awaiting the delivery on his Mustafar base. Your Labda shuttle is … Weiterlesen

Star Trek – Distress call from Camus II (Game system: selfwritten rules)

„Captain, we just received a distress call.“ „On screen, Ensign.“„… here are Klingons! And they want the artifact! .. This is the research lab from Camus !!…we are under attack !!!“„Set a course to Camus II. Maximum Warp. Engage!“„Captain? Klingons? Attack?“„I am having a hunch, Number one.“A partizipation game from the … Weiterlesen

„Welcome to the hunting grounds!“ (Gamesystem: Spectre)

The contact to Callsign Dagger 434 has been lost for several days. They did not keep to agreed-upon communication times. The task of Dagger 434 is to train the local Western-oriented militia groups in this area. (Weapon And Tactics Training) The situation in the area of ​​operations is currently unknown, … Weiterlesen

The mountain fortress of Karak Varn (Game system: Frostgrave)

Karak Varn… For centuries, this ancient dwarven city has been considered plundered and abandoned. Nothing hints at its former fame and fortune. The wilderness in front of the north gate is deserted and only some goblins from the Frost Tribe occasionally go hunting there. But lately, reports have surfaced that … Weiterlesen