The Naval Battle of St. Lucia, 1778

This Year, the Tabletopclub Dresden e.V. and Tabletop Sachsen e.V. present the sea battle of St. Lucia. After the entry of France into the American Revolutionary War, the conflict also spread to the Caribbean. Here British and French fought for control of the West Indies, which were enormously economically significant … Weiterlesen

The Battle of Quatre-Bras (Game system: Blücher)

It is the 16th of June, 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte has returned from his exile on Elba and once again tries to seize power over Europe. Against him stands the renewed alliance of Britain, Prussia, Austria and Russia. After the first skirmishes on the day’s eve, Quatre-Bras and Ligny now will … Weiterlesen

The Siege of Neuss 1474 (Game system: DBA 3.0)

The year saw 1473 the Cologne Stift feud, when the archbishop Ruprecht of Cologne was deposed by the secular estates of his territory and these appointed Hermann von Hessen as diocese administrator. The Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, took sides for the deposed Ruprecht to expand his possessions. Charles … Weiterlesen

He-Man Quest: Eternity War – The Reign of Hordak (Spielsystem: Konflikt Eternia (Bolt Action for Real Masters of the Universe)

The atrocious reign of terror is coming! Hordak has conquered Eternia and tries to seize the power of Castle Grayskull. Can He-Man stop him in time? And on which side does Skeletor stand? One thing is certain: This fateful day, will decide the destiny of the entire universe! A new … Weiterlesen