The Event

There are a lot of collectors of miniatures and wargamers of many systems in the north of Germany, but no specialized events to promote our little artifacts, exchange experiences or bring up new ideas.

That’s why we, the Wargaming Club Hamburg, founded the “Hamburger Tactica”. A convention which should become a gathering point for local, national and international collectors and wargamers. That is what we hope – at least.

It is our goal to support popular gaming systems by playing tournaments and demonstration games and promote new systems.

Fantasy and SciFi as well as historical gaming systems in all scales are welcome.

Moreover we want to show the skills and the art of our beloved hobby by giving workshops and presentations a home. Collectors also have the opportunity to show their work.

The concept of our demonstrations is „Come & Play“. Our exhibitors are happy to explain rules and tactics and visitors are welcome to join the gaming – they can even bring their own miniatures to take part in a game.

You can find a more detailed list and description of our program soon

As long as we haven’t filled our venue, we are happy to accept your proposals for game demonstrations and performances. And participation of foreign gaming clubs is welcome.

You can contact us via

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