Special miniature of the Hamburger Tactica 2017: The Blond Hans

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… und so sehen die Minis aus, wenn man ein wenig Farbe benutzt:











Vielen Dank an Frank Becker für diese tolle  Bemalung und das Foto.

Special miniature of the Hamburger Tactica 2017: The Blond Hans

… in our program “On the Reeperbahn at half past one – A night strolling through St.Pauli” we now have reached the Hippodrome on the Große Freiheit. Hannes Kröger, the singing sailor, enters the podium over the arena. The noisy guests fall silent and you hear the famous old song known all over the Seven Seas …


With our special miniature 2017, we finally create a table top monument to Hans Albers. Born on September 22, 1891 in Hamburg, the actor is well-known to all Hamburgers and has become legendary mainly with the film and the song „Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins“ (On the Reeperbahn at night at half past one).

As always, our exclusive figure can only be purchased at the event. …Arr, Matey, don’t just stand there – grab that treaure!


Special Miniature “Kara Ben Nemsi” – designed by Alan Perry for the Hamburger Tactica.

According to this year’s motto “Beginnings of Wargaming”, for this year we have decided upon an unusual miniature. Karl May (25 February 1842 – 30 March 1912) was a German writer famous for his adventure novels set in the American Old West, Latin America and Germany, as well as in … Weiterlesen

Special Miniature for Hamburger Tactica 2016: Hamma, Lombard Leader

Hamma, Lombard Leader

With this year’s special Hamburg Tactica miniature we travel far back in time. As befits our ROME theme room, we have chosen a Lombard lord of the time around the birth of Christ. The Lombards (Langobardii to the Romans) lived from about 100 BC to the 4th century AD along the Elbe river, including Hamburg and the surrounding area. They were a section of the Suebian tribe and closely related to the Semnones. Hamma, our Lombard lord, has been reconstructed in keeping with the finds in grave 150 of the Putensen graveyard. The reconstruction also takes into account the finds of bog mummies from Northern Germany, for example in his typical Suebian hairknot and full beard (Langobardii = Longbeards).


The Special Miniature of the Hamburger Tactica 2015: Adolf III., Noble Lord of Schauenburg and Count of Holstein and Stormarn

This year’s Hamburg Tactica special figure is Adolf III., Noble Lord of Schauenburg and Count of Holstein and Stormarn. Adolf III. (*1160; †1225) founded a trading settlement on the Western bank of the Alster and thus he is one of the founding fathers of Hamburg. As usual you will get a Tactica figure free with your two-day ticket. For all other buyers, this limited special miniature will cost € 3.-


Sonderminiatur der Hamburger Tactica 2014: Major Ernst von Pfuel

Major Ernst von Pfuel war der erste Infanterie-Kommandeur der am 20. März 1813 gegründeten Hanseatischen Legion. Zunächst wurden durch Hamburger Freiwillige 2 Infanterie Bataillone aufgestellt. Die Hanseatische Legion setzte sich im weiteren Verlauf aus den Bürgern der drei Hansestädte Hamburg, Bremen und Lübeck zusammen und wurde in zahlreichen kleinen Gefechten in und um Hamburg, sowie unter dem Befehl von General Wallmoden auch in Mecklenburg und Schleswig eingesetzt. (Figuren-Restbestände vorhanden)