Dystopian Wars

The Dystopian Wars universe is the history of a parallel world, an alternate time line to the Victorian 19th century. In this fictional scenario, history has taken a very different course, and the industrial revolution has taken place much earlier. The discovery of the remains of a defunct technologically advanced … Weiterlesen

In the clutches of the Picts (Game system: Conan Boardgame – Monolith)

With the echoing war drums of the Picts setteld beyond the Black River and the increased frequency of incursions up to the Thunder River, many settlers flee the Conajohara territory for the safer lands of the Kingdom of Aquilonia. While scouting along the border to aid Valannus, the Commander of … Weiterlesen

Dropfleet Commander

The year 2670 The golden age of humanity is over. The time when humans relentlessly conquered new worlds without resistance is little more than a long-gone chapter in the book of history. Earth and the Core Worlds were lost to the great enemy – the Scourge. The devastating invasion of … Weiterlesen

Sons of the desert (Game system: Triumph & Tragedy alternative)

The Foreign Legion, a desert fort, a supply caravan, an oasis and rebel Arabs are the backdrop to this exciting game of discipline, power and liberty. Will the desert become the hell of the homeless and can the Arab tribes throw off the French yoke? Find out with Sons of … Weiterlesen

Zama. Hannibal faces Scipio (Game system: DBA 3.0)

The second Punic war between Carthage and Rome ended in 202 BC with the Battle of Zama in what today is Tunisia. Scipio’s victory over Hannibal also ended the threat to Rome by the Carthaginian genius commander. Players can take over Scipio, his Roman legions and Numidian allies or Hannibal, … Weiterlesen

Special miniature of the Hamburger Tactica 2018: The end of the Great War

GREAT WAR MINIATURES used the end of the First World War 100 years ago to model this small figure scene exclusively for the Hamburg Tactica. This way they also want to emphasize (despite Brexit) the friendship between Germany and Great Britain. Like the Perry special miniature and our own figurine, these figures will be available exclusively at the Hamburg Tactica.