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  1. we’re making a small booklet for Crisis 2014 and we still have some space left. We are offering this for free for Clubs/organisers to include a announcement of their venue. We thought that Tactica 2015 would fit the bill.
    Please contact me to confirm if you’re interested and please send us a leaflet or so to put in our leaflet that will be distributed amongst all the public and traders of Crisis 2014.

    Johan Van Acker
    President tin soldiers of Antwerp

  2. Dennis den Ouden says:

    Helli, i will be attending Crisis and am very interested in the Battlestar game, will you be there with models (for sale, specifically vipers, raptors and cylon raider) and maybe some booklets and markers and such?
    Kind regards, Dennis

  3. Iwailo says:

    Leute, ich versuche mich bereits seit Wochen für eine CWC-Demo zu bewerben, auf mehreren eurer Kontakadressen, aber ich habe bisher nicht mal eine Lesebestätigung bekommen.

    Könnt ihr mich mal kontaktieren?


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