You will reach the Hamburger Tactica under the following mail adresses:


All questions about presentations please ONLY to this adress:

presentations [at]


All inquiries and questions about merchants please to this adress:

traders [at]

For all further questions please write to this adress:

tactica [at]

13 Responses to Contact

  1. Hexy Studio says:

    As Hexy Studio we are makers of board games, card games, miniature wargames and accessories for them.
    We are also a distributor of miniatures, terrain elements and accessories dedicated to tabletop miniature games: Bitspudlo and HQ Resin.
    We are interested in attending the Hamburger Tactica 2018 event.
    Is it still possible to join as an exhibitor?

    Best regards
    Hexy-Shop Team

  2. Adrian says:

    Kann man die Tactica Würfel kaufen? Bin sehr interessiert. Gruß Adrian

    • admin says:

      Hallo, Adrian, ja die Würfel konnte man tatsächlich kaufen. Allerdings nur vorort. Ein Verkauf unserer Merchandise-Ware über die Tactica hinaus ist nicht möglich. Leider konnte ich Deine Frage erst jetzt beantworten, ich hatte am Wochenende leider keinen Zugriff auf die Seite.

  3. Oliver says:


    zahlen Kinder von 11-12 Jahren schon den vollen Eintritt?



    • admin says:

      Hallo, Oliver, ja so ist es. Bis zum Alter von 10 müssen Kinder keinen Eintritt bezahlen. Ab 10 zahlen Sie dann voll.

  4. Chris Payne says:

    I’m looking to attend for one day and will be coming from England and visiting Hamburg, Lubeck and some other places. I speak a little “tourist” German – will my lack of German be a problem? Would Saturday or Sunday be the better day to visit ? For example, at the Essen Spiel fair, the Saturday is much busier with people there only for the day.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Chris. No, I don’t think that your lack of the German language will be a big problem… Germans do speak enough english to provide you with comfort. Saturday is the “busy” day, it will be very crowded. The more relaxing day is sunday. And every game or attraction will still be there.

      • Chris Payne says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. Have booked flights. Now need to sort out where to visit and where to stay. Will aim to be there on Sunday.

        • Svend Ask Larsen says:

          Hi Chris .. As a Dane who has forgotten most of his school german i can say that it is not a problem -i have been there the last 3 years. I think saturday is the “best” day in terms of the energy. but if you want to play some demo-games sunday is perhaps better…

  5. Hallo. Laut Alan Perry kommen die Brüder “nur” als Besucher ohne Ware. Werden dann überhaupt Perry Miniaturen angeboten ? Im letzten Jahr war der Stand und das Angebot super. Wäre wirklich Schade, wenn das Sortiment diesmal nicht angeboten wird.

    • admin says:

      Die Perrys kommen immer als Besucher ohne Ware…. Die Miniaturen werden vom Händler Dave Thomas angeboten… also, keine Sorge…

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