Hamburger Tactica 2013 – The Robber Knight of Tannenberg

The term Robber Knight is actually not mediaval, but from teh late 18th century. But if it had been in use in 1399, Hartmut the Younger of Kronberg would have fit the bill well. From the Tannenburg castle in the Odenwald forest he terrorized the surrounding lands and disturbed the trade along the Alte Bergstraße road. The authorities organized a punitive expedition ( euphemistically named the “Landfriedensheer” – the “Public Peace Army”). WIth heavy-calibre firepower, they smoked out the robber knights.

Spieltrieb Frankfurt presents medieval battles at the gates of Burg Tannenberg, using Impetus rules.

Hamburger Tactica 2013 – Battle of five Armies

The Third Age, the year 2941 – Rhovanion, South of the Grey Mountains.
A small troop of Elfs is marching West. On crossing a tributary of the Anduin they encounter a group of Orks and Goblins. These are on their way to join Bolg’s large Goblin army, marching towards Erebor, the Lonely Mountain. They have heard that Smaug, the dragon, is dead and want to grab his unguarded treasures. And the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains have became aware of all this. They set out to attack the hated Goblins.

Played with 18mm Miniatures by Eureka and Magister Militums “Blood Dawn” Fantasy Series. Rules are “Triumph, & Tragedy (& Trolls), a Fantasy Version of the ruleset by Björn Reichel.

Hamburger Tactica 2013 – Win or Die!

SAGA, the popular skirmish game – adapted to the lands Westeros, from the fantastic books by George R. Martin. The houses of Lannister and Stark fight a bloody civil War for the Iron Throne. Can the Young Wolf and his Northmen capture the supply train of Tywin Lannister and win an important victory in the fight for the Riverlands?

With figures by Frank Becker and a great board by Stronghold Terrain. 

Hamburger Tactica 2013 – Warhammer 40K

With the release of Warhammer 40.000’s 6th edition not even a year behind, we felt that the new rules deserve to be displayed on this years Tactica. Because of this, we once again tried to create satisfying scenarios for both experienced Veterans and interested newcomers that still manage to deliver the Warhammer 40.000 experience in a reasonable time frame. The games are going to take place on one of the rare Science-Fiction gameboards by Wolfgang Jädtke and there will be plenty of the 40th millenium’s factions available for battle. If you wish to bring you own miniatures to play with you are welcome to do so and we are happy to give you the chance to play a game between the official presentation matches. 

Hamburger Tactica 2013 – Dioramas

This year, we had againa lot of beautiful dioramas. Here you can see a collection of the best pictures:

Hak Nam Kowloon by Jens Beckmann

Stand firm! Waterloo 1815 by Dirk Tietten

Mortheim by Wolfgang Jädtke

This gameboard was one of the highlights of the 3rd Tactica in 2008.

Dystopian Wars by Martin and Rux

This gameboard was one of the highlights of the last Tactica in 2012.

Hamburger Tactica 2013 – Star Wars Theme Room

Here you can find pictures of the  theme room of Hamburger Tactica 2013:

Star Wars

Moss Eisley spaceport

The battle of Hoth

Imperial scout droids have found the rebels in their hidden base on the planet of Hoth. Imperial dropships, loaded with sinister stormtroopers are approaching…a desperate fight begins…

Played with D20 rules and the miniatures by Wizards of the Coast. Gameboard and figures by Frank Germershaus and Frank Becker.

Jabbas palace

Planet Tatooine, deep in the labyrinthine palace of Jabba the Hutt. Luke Skywalker, the fearless Jedi knight has been able to sneak into the throne hall of the smuggler king Jabba. His intent is to free his captured friends. A daring plan!

Another snappy scenario using the popular D20 rules and miniatures by Wizards of the coast. Board, figures and scenario by Frank Becker

Escape from the death star

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away….

Black Knights, Swords, a damsel in distress… No, we are not at King Arthur’s court, but on the Death Star, where the young hero Luke with the gallant rogue Han, his sidekick Chewi and the elderly Ben have to save the Universe. May the force be with you!