The League of Augsburg presents… Der Deutsch Grand Prix 1694!

During the Nine Years War 1688-1697 many German speaking states fought as part of the Grand Alliance against Louis XIV’s mighty France. Although German troops fought in Flanders they also served in the Rhine lands and elsewhere. Our game is set near the Rhine. The army of the Grand Alliance … Weiterlesen

Zen – Saga

In dieser Adaption von Saga für die Sengoku-Zeit Japans, übernehmen bis zu drei Spieler je eine Bande, um in den friedlichen Zen-Gärten eines Klosters jeweils ihrer geheimen Mission nachzugehen. Zur Wahl stehen dabei Kriegsmönche, Ninjas oder brandschatzende Samurai. Gespielt wird mit der neuen Version 2.0 der Saga-Regeln. Für ganz tapfere … Weiterlesen

Special miniature of the Hamburger Tactica 2018: Heinrich Barth

This year, the TACTICA figure follows the theme room into the desert. We present Heinrich Barth, the famous Hamburg Sahara explorer.

In 1849, Barth set out with a British expedition that would take him across the Sahara. The journey took him over Ghat, the foothills of the Tassili n’Ajjer and the Hoggar Mountains to Tintellust in the Aïr Mountains. From there we went to Agadez in Niger and finally to Timbuktu. After many adventures, including battles with predatory Tuareg, he returned home in 1855. Unfortunately, his travels are still shadowed unfairly by other big names, because Barth did not know how to market his discoveries. Nevertheless, Heinrich Barth is one of the great explorers of Africa in the 19th century.

As always, our 28mm figure was modeled by Frank Germershaus.



Battlegroup Tobruk

You command several British SAS units! Penetrate with them deep into the enemy terrotory to attack an airfield of the German Afrika Korps. Or take over the defense of the airfield and thwart the British attack. Can you successfully fulfill your mission? Come to us at the game table and … Weiterlesen