In Clouds of Glory

In Clouds of Glory is a WWI air combat where biplanes meet each other in deadly, swirling dogfights. Join the Kaiser’s Luftstreitkräfte, Royal Flying Corps and fight for survival or glory.

The system uses 3D-printed in 1/350 scale. employing a unique 3d system to represent altitude, turning attitude and energy of the aircraft. The system impresses by its simplicity and realism. No rules knowledge is needed to take part in the game.

We offer an open game, where you can grab a warplane (or two) and join the fight. Defend a twin-seater or attack it. If you have more time, take part in one of the large, scenarios inspired by history. These will give you a better feel for this game’s depth.
For more information about ICOG, including the complete rules, scenarios, and lots more, visit

The games will be presented by its Danish developers Thomas Greve and Svend Ask ‘Gimle’ Larsen as well as German language presenters at selected times.

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