In Clouds of Glory

Join the Kaiser’s Luftstreitkräfte, the Royal Flying Corps or the Aéronautique Militaire in the WW I air war game “In Clouds of Glory” and fight for aerial fame or a fiery death of your pilot.

The game employs 3D printed aircraft in 1/350 scale and uses a unique system to represent altitude, turn angle and energy of the aircraft. The game impresses by its simplicity and realism.

We offer an open game where you can pick up a fighter plane or two and jump into the middle of things – defend a two-seater or attack it.

The game impresses by its realism and simplicity.

No previous rules knowledge neccessary to join.

The game is presented by the Danish developers Thomas Greve and Svend Ask ‚Gimle‘ Larsen.

More information about the game including a download of the full rules and scenarios are available here:

2016_clouds_of_glory_01 2016_clouds_of_glory_12

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