Königsberg 1945 – (Game system: Paper Tigers)

Three players compete against each other on the game board “Königsberg 1945”: two heroes and one villain. Mission goal: To catch the villain: “Gauleiter Erich Koch”, who is trying to flee from Königsberg to reach the seaplane base Pillau-Neutief. From there he hopes to reach the safety of Holstein. The … Weiterlesen

Swamp Fox vs. Bloody Ban – Duel in the south (Game system: Musket & Tomahawks)

South Carolina, 1780. The American Revolutionary War is now raging in the southern provinces of the 13 colonies, too. After landing in Savannah, the British troops moved north to face the enemy. Their way through the southern provinces was constantly harrassed by attacks by the patriot partisans. The best-known partisan … Weiterlesen

Save Privat McBride (self-written rules, inspired by .45 Adventure, Zombicide, etc.)

Somme 1916 In the confusion of the shifting conflict, you find yourself with a small group of British soldiers behind enemy lines. Between you and your army’s positions are muddy trenches, countless shell craters, barbed wire and of course the Germans. Will you be able to bring your group back … Weiterlesen

A little Sunday trip under the African sun (Game system: Kugelhagel)

Princess Viktoria Luise is visiting the overseas possessions and does not want to miss the opportunity to honor small, remote villages with her presence. A nightmare for the protocol and security officer. She knows the security situation is anything but relaxed. And the Princess likes to travel with just a … Weiterlesen

Shootout in Dingstown (self-written game system)

“Shootout in Dingstown” is a Western Skirmish game for two to four players. The basic rules are easy to understand and are also suitable for beginners. Each player leads a gang of 4 to 7 cowboys, bandits, Indians, soldiers or other guys into his adventure – bank or stagecoach robbery, … Weiterlesen

Take the Pass! – North-West Frontier (Game system: The men who would be kings)

It is the year 1880. Following the massacre of the British delegation in Kabul and the increasing unrest in Afghanistan, the British Empire is working hard to secure the Northwest frontier of India and to subdue the Afghan province. They send various marching columns over the mountain passes, encountering fierce … Weiterlesen