The Siege of Neuss 1474 (Game system: DBA 3.0)

The year saw 1473 the Cologne Stift feud, when the archbishop Ruprecht of Cologne was deposed by the secular estates of his territory and these appointed Hermann von Hessen as diocese administrator. The Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, took sides for the deposed Ruprecht to expand his possessions. Charles the Bold advanced with the most modern army of his time on Cologne and in 1474 began the siege of the city Neuss, which was on his route. The city was successfully defended for ten months by its inhabitants and an auxiliary force under Hermann von Hessen. Meanwhile, Emperor Frederick III. on a request for help from Cologne gathered an Imperial force and marched to the relief of Neuss.

Our scenario represents the siege of Neuss, the relief and a conceivable final battle between the Burgundians and imperial army – to which it did not come historically, because before Charles the Bold withdrew without result. Four players can play as the Burgundian besiegers, Charles the Bold or Louis de Chalons, as the defender of Neuss Hermann of Hesse or as the leader of the imperial army, Emperor Frederick III. . First, the important events of the siege are played out before the decisive final battle takes place.

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