The Naval Battle of St. Lucia, 1778

This Year, the Tabletopclub Dresden e.V. and Tabletop Sachsen e.V. present the sea battle of St. Lucia.

After the entry of France into the American Revolutionary War, the conflict also spread to the Caribbean. Here British and French fought for control of the West Indies, which were enormously economically significant for both countries.
On 13 December 1778, a British fleet under Admiral Samuel Barrington reached the French Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The British landed in the bay Grand Cul de Sac and began to occupy the heights to control the area. The numerically superior French fleet under Admiral d’Estaing appeared unexpectedly on the following day. Surprised by the French fleet, Admiral Barrington had to quickly bring the transport ships to the nearby Carénage Bay and build up a defensive line against the Frenchman.
Will the British be able to protect the transports and repel the French attack to allow them to conquer St. Lucia? Or will the French succeed in annihilating the British fleet and preventing a conquest of St. Lucia?

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