The mountain fortress of Karak Varn (Game system: Frostgrave)

Karak Varn…

For centuries, this ancient dwarven city has been considered plundered and abandoned. Nothing hints at its former fame and fortune. The wilderness in front of the north gate is deserted and only some goblins from the Frost Tribe occasionally go hunting there. But lately, reports have surfaced that a great magician fleeing from the Inquisition has hidden there with his extensive treasure hoard and his valuable spellbooks. So some respected or nefarious magicians set off to bring down their renegade colleague.
… but there are also rumors that the renegade sorcerer has summoned a big horror of terrible powers … ”

Players take a sorcerer and his mercenaries in order to look for treasures and to fight their opponents either in a skirmish outside the fort gate or inside a dungeon within the fortress.


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