„Welcome to the hunting grounds!“ (Gamesystem: Spectre)

The contact to Callsign Dagger 434 has been lost for several days. They did not keep to agreed-upon communication times. The task of Dagger 434 is to train the local Western-oriented militia groups in this area. (Weapon And Tactics Training) The situation in the area of ​​operations is currently unknown, as the positions of the supported rebels have been attacked by other groups.

The last location data of Dagger 434 was sent to us from a house near height 223. Your task is to infiltrate the area and collect information on the whereabouts of Dagger 434. Unfortunately, I can only promise you limited fire support, as almost all forces are engaged in combat. Gentlemen, find our men and come back safely.


A reconnaissance unit, consisting of six men infiltrates into the operating area and works towards the target object. This should be searched to get more information about the whereabouts of Dagger 434. Further orders will follow during the course of the game.

A 20mm Modern War presentation according to Spectre rules – presented by the team CONflict

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