Ghosts of Mustafar (Game system: Star Wars Legion)

Calling Rebel Base Yavin 4! We have intercepted a top priority imperial radio message. Make sure Princess Organa is informed immediately!

Radio transmission, Imperial Code 26335-II

“The prisoner must be promptly handed over to Lord Vader, who is already awaiting the delivery on his Mustafar base. Your Labda shuttle is ready, Make sure nothing goes wrong. You know what happens when Lord Vader is not satisfied. “

Mustafar is an inhospitable planet. Only rocks, lava … and Darth Vader’s fortress. Right here, the rebels have planned a daring rescue operation. Can you intercept the scientist Motun Ebb and protect his knowledge of the location of the Scimitar fleet before Vader gets hold of him?

Martin Schneider, Dennis Luck, Tobias Wodbe and Frank Bauer present a scenario for Star Wars: Legion.



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