Special Guests at the Hamburger Tactica 2015

For the TACTICA’s 10-year jubilee we have no fewer than 4 prominent guests. Like in the previous two years, Alan and Michael Perry of Perry Miniatures will display their modelling skills and and are looking forward to the visitor’s questions. Of course, we hope to see some „Greens“ or „3-Ups“ … Weiterlesen

Check Your 6

The Battle of Britain was fought 75 years ago. What better reason to strap on your flying helmet, put on the oxygen mask and strap into the cockpit of your Spitfire and try to “bag the Hun” in a quick, exiting and easy to learn WWII aerial warfare game? By … Weiterlesen

“Against Land and Folk” (Rules: Donnybrook)

“Against Land and Folk” – SKirmishes during the 30 Years’ War. The 30 Years War is raging in Germany. Vast armies have devastated everything, the plague is decimating the people. It is a time of war and violence, of a desperate fight for survival. Gangs of warriors from many nations … Weiterlesen