The Tomb of the Sheik – (Game system: Chain Reaction 2015 by Two Hour Wargames )

From Karl May’s(*) “Through the Desert”:

“In this courtyard rises the actual tomb building, which is dominated by two white towers, which contrast pleasantly from the deep green of the valley. The spiers are gilded and the towers’ sides are broken into many corners between which light and shadow chase each other… ”

The Pasha of Mosul has been told that great treasures are to be found in the tomb of Sheik Adi. He sends out his Bashi Bozuks and Arnauts to seize the riches. Will Kara Ben Nemsi, Hajji Halef Omar and their allies succeed in frustrating the plans of the unscrupulous governor?

Same site, different century – 150 years later:

Again, the tomb of Sheik Adi is the target of ruthless attackers. Will the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters manage to stop the attacking militia of the Black Caliphate? The various scenarios are intended for 2-6 players and are played according to the Skirmish rules “Chain Reaction” by TwohourWargames. Each player takes over a group of one leader and several fighters.

*Karl May (25 February 1842 – 30 March 1912) was a very popular German writer best known for his adventure novels.

They are available in English as e-Books:



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