The Demise of the Kingdom of Heaven – The Battle of Hatttin – (Game system: DBA and Lion Rampant)

The Battle of Hattin took place in July 1187 between Akkon and the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Nearly 90 years after the conquest of Jerusalem, the Crusader states had succeeded in uniting the fractious Muslim principalities against themselves. The Saracens rallied under Saladin and besieged the Crusader city of Tiberias.

King Guy de Lusignan gathered the Crusader army and set out against the advice of the more experienced Earl of Tripoli to relieve Tiberias. The Muslim troops prevented the Crusaders from reaching the waterholes and eventually confronted the thirst-parched crusader army near Hattin. The crusaders suffered a crushing defeat. King Guy was captured, most of the Crusaders killed and the Holy Cross lost. As a result, because of lack of defenders, Jerusalem could not be held and in teh end had to be handed over to Saladin.

On a large display with more than 2000 figures, small parts of the battle are played with the rules DBA and Lion Rampart.


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