Nagashima (Rules: Zen-Saga)

Japan, Sengoku period: in the year 1574 the mighty Samurai Lord Oda Nobunaga, during his third siege of the important fortress of Nagashima, to destroy the fortress with a devastating fire. This was an important victory against the numerous followers of the Ikko-Ikki sect.Frank Becker, Vasa and Wraith present this … Weiterlesen

Königgrätz 1866

Königgrätz 1866 (presented by the Frankfurter Partizans in 28mm) 150 years ago, the battle of Königgrätz decided the Austro-Prussian War, the conflict between Austria and Prussia for the leadership of Germany. Near the Bohemian village of Sadowa some 400.000 soldiers clashed in battle. This makes Könniggrätz one of the biggest … Weiterlesen

Hell’s Highway (Rules: Battlegroup)

September 1944: The 82nd Airborne urgently attempts to secure the bridge at Nijmegen to save their British brothers-in-arms to the North from catastrophe. But they and the tanks of XXX.Corps encounter determined German resistance. A peaceful suburb will witness heavy house-to-house fighting…